Ursula Andrews LMT

Massage has many physiological effects, such as:

  • Increased circulation to all areas of the body. This means that more oxygen goes to the tissues, enabling them to function more efficiently.
  • Removal of toxins and waste products that build up in the tissues.
  • Reduction in recovery time from certain injuries.
  • Softening of the connective tissue that permeates the body, resulting in more relaxed muscles and more efficient organ function.
  • Breaking of the pain-tension cycle, which helps prevent muscle strains and aches.
  • Increased flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Better muscular balance throughout the body, resulting in effective support for other healing modalities, such as chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation.

I am a new resident of Yachats having recently relocated from northeast Washington. I have practiced massage therapy for 20+ years in Washington. This work is my passion and I am looking forward to providing professional massage therapy care in Yachats.

I am trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, geriatric and pregnancy massage and others techniques which are integrated for your overall needs including  injury, post-surgical and wellness care.

My desire is clearly stated in the “Vision” of Yachats Healthcare:

“To promote healing in the individual and in turn promote a healthy community”

To schedule a session:
Ursula Andrews LMT at: 509-680-6181
Licensed Massage Therapist #27672

    Ursula Andrews, LMT