Counseling with Laura Rains, LCSW

Take steps toward meaningful change in a strengths-based environment

Laura Rains, LCSW, has had the honor of working with parents, children, families, elders, couples, and individuals in many settings for over 25 years. In her private therapy practice she supports elders with life transitions; empowers parents, children, and families; helps couples strengthen communication and understanding; and provides individual and group support as a certified Grief Recovery Method specialist.

In her other professional work, Laura coordinates training for evidence-based GenerationPMTO parenting programs in the U.S. and internationally and co-authors educational materials and book chapters.

It’s a dream come true to practice in Yachats, this glorious gem of a community between the forest and the sea. I look forward to working together to imagine new possibilities, collaborating with you on a path forward, and supporting meaningful change in your life. I listen carefully, hold hope, honor histories, and believe in change with all my heart.

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  • Address: 162 Beach St., Yachats, OR

Laura Rains, LCSW

Therapist: Families, Elders, Couples

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