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Jai is the “real thing” -a physician with extensive knowledge as well as inquiry skills and heart. Thank you Jai!!

David Bedrick

Jai is great! Gentle Chiropractic. She takes time and genuinely Cares!

Janette Square

Dr.Jai Tomlin, is not only a highly gifted body therapist, but an amazing process worker, and will be of benefit to anyone with body problems, personal problems, relationship or group difficulties.

Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell

I saw Laura for a few months and it really helped me prioritize some things in my life. She had a kind, calm way of helping me see how to navigate my relationship issues. I felt very successful and grateful.

Laura is the kind of therapist who offers real empathy and practical solutions. As a former practicing therapist myself, I’m quite picky about who I turn to for guidance. I chose Laura because she cares and has outstanding therapeutic skills.

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